Electronic Cigarette Review

By | May 29, 2016

If you’re a smoker looking to make the switch from harmful tobacco smoke to e-cigs, you’ll find that unlike regular cigarettes, most e-cigarettes are reusable with replaceable and refillable cartridges. Only a small percentage of e-cigarette products are disposable. Each e cig┬ácompany has it’s own gimmick, and it does help to be able to distinguish what those gimmicks are before making your selection.

There are indeed some distinguishing factors with certain brands, such as taste, and closely followed functionality, battery life, as well as aesthetics. There are a ton of e-cig brands and trailers you can watch and it’s up to you to find out which brand works for you. For more advanced vaping devices, you might want to check out brands that may have a neat selection of eGo-style and variable voltage batteries for longer battery life, there’s also an e-juice selection of way over 20,000 possible flavour mixes along with flavours that you might customize for yourself.

Perhaps you’re the strong red Marlboro flavour type of person which happens to be the most popular flavour. Or you might be the Menthol, Chocolate, Coffee flavour type of person. They also have the seasonal type of e-cig flavours like pumpkin, spice or cola.

So I recommend that if you’re thinking of making the switch, you’re making a healthier choice from harmful tobacco smoke. With such a variety of different e-cig brands out there, you can make the switch without having to compromise on feel and flavour. You might find the right brand that is the closest to the real thing as possible, and if you decided to go on to try another brand when looking for different types of vaping devices, flavours, functionality then go ahead and check them out. There are a lot of cool brands out there at the moment and some come with added extras, such as e-liquid to refill your own cartridges, mini tanks, and the EX batteries that are more powerful and it’s perfect if you want to get more out of your e-cig device.

Are e-cigs green?

All e-cigs are greener than regular cigarettes so if one brand firm advertises that their e-cigs are environmentally greener than the rest, you might want to look in to it as this might be another gimmick that the firm may be using to influence your choice of brand. The only way they can be made environmentally greener is if biodegradable batteries are invented.

Scientists are not entirely sure on the effects that regular cigarette butts have in nature when they are being dropped on the ground, but we can be sure that e-cigs are far more pleasant in the environment than regular tobacco cigarettes because they leave no awful smells of ash in the smoking areas. As a matter of fact, e-cigs are not classified as the regular cigarettes so they can be used in places where regular tobacco smoke is band, at least for now. You don’t have the ominous grey smoke that you would get from regular tobacco smoke either. In fact, we can say that nothing burns in a e-cig because the nicotine battery is heated.

So if you wondered if e-cigs are greener than regular tobacco cigarettes the answer is yes, making it a safer and greener alternative to smoking.