Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Electronic Cigarettes

By | June 27, 2016

ecigAs more and more smokers switch to smoking electronic cigarettes, more and more manufacturers are starting to producing their own lines of electronic cigarettes. It’s hard to sift through all of the confusion and know which e-cig is the best when you’ve never smoked one before. That’s why the following the tips have been gathered. These are all qualities to look for in an electronic cigarette before you make the purchase. These pointers come from people who have experience smoking e-cigs and buying eliquid. Keep them in mind and you’ll make the right choice on your first choice.


The battery is the life of your electronic cigarette. If you buy an e-cig with a low-quality battery, then you could be getting less than 100 puffs before you have to recharge! Make sure the battery is capable of withstanding the length of one pack of cigarettes, which is about 300 puffs. You should find this number advertised on their website. If not, then look for customer reviews. They’ll let you know the quality of the battery and how often they need to be recharged. You never want to settle for an e-cig with a weak battery. There are too many other reliable options available.

Easy to use.

The oldest electronic cigarettes were often difficult to piece together, refill, and use by most people. Luckily, things have changed over time and it’s as easy as screwing two pieces together and inhaling. An efficient electronic cigarette should be simple in design and easy to understand. Don’t fall for all that fancy hype that just calls for more work and more expenses. The standard e-cig contains a battery and a cartomizer. That is all you need to enjoy a high-quality vaporizing experience.

Charging options.

Most starter kits come with a USB charger, but not everyone is sitting near their computer all day. For those of you who are out and about, you should search for a manufacturer or starter kit that offers wall chargers and car chargers. Getting stuck with an e-cig that you can’t charge is just a waste of money, but it happens too often. You should choose an e-cig with the 501 thread because this is the most common thread and will work with most adapters. Other unique threads require their own chargers and are not compatible with most accessories.

USB cigarettes.

Waiting for an e-cig to charge can be a tedious experience. Luckily, a lot of modern e-cig starter kits are including something known as the USB cigarette. This is an electronic cigarette that is powered by the USB port and doesn’t require a charger. This is ideal if you don’t want to waste that battery or wait for it to charger. If this isn’t available in a starter kit, then find a manufacturer who offers it as an accessory. You could also purchase a backup battery for use when your starter battery is dead. This means you’ll never have to wait for another battery to charge.